National Sleep Foundation Publishes 2014 Sleep Health Index

April 1, 2015

The National Sleep Foundation was responsible for collecting data regarding our nation’s sleeping patterns in 2014 by using the Sleep Health Index, an annual general population poll that tracks Americans’ sleep habits and trends. The 2014 Sleep Health Index represents the sleep health baseline of Americans and gives us an insight into how our country sleeps.

Wondering how your nights rest compares to those across the United States? The data collected displays that Americans reported to have good sleep quantity, but not quality, with a national average of seven hours and 38 minutes of sleep per night. However, 35% of the population reported their sleep quality was “poor” or “only fair”, which could explain why more than half of the U.S. population said they had taken a nap in the past seven days. This study concluded that quality and duration of sleep does not differ between men and women, yet 24% of women reported they woke up feeling well rested zero out of the past four days compared to 16% of men.

This year the National Sleep Foundation celebrates 25 years of dedication to improving health through sleep education and advocacy. This nonprofit organization is located in Washington, DC, and its members include researchers and clinicians focused on sleep healthcare. For the full 2014 Sleep Health Index visit:…